Graphic Design | Illustrations


As a Designer who possesses the ability to do Digital Illustration as well as I.D. graphics work, highly pictorial business cards and logos have been a reoccurring motif.  Since I possess an eye with very unique sensibilities, my talents with color correction and optimization for print work are also consistently requested.  My sci-fi\fantasy illustrations have gained attention among novelists and clothing lines, whether doing a cover for a novel or anthology or creating character concepts for an up and coming video game entrepreneur.  My style and proficiency with the tools at my disposal have made me sought out by the knowing masses.  If you need a logo made, a character conceptualized, or a solution for any of a dozen design problems, you can request my services at or reach me directly @ (202) 643-9588 or @ 
No matter your design needs, I'm sure I can find a creative solution that will exceed your wildest expectations.

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